First, we are experts at what we do, which is fill critically hard to fill positions for the last 25+ years.

Second, we produce results. We have qualified candidates that interview for over 90% of the assignments we are given.

Lastly, we are extremely dedicated to customer service. We are easy to work with, won’t bog you down in paperwork, emails, or phone calls and we have a database that we have built for

25+ years that you are not in touch with. These candidates would never know of an opportunity for them to advance their career if it wasn’t for a call from us.

My History: I personally have over 25 years in the recruiting industry where I was TOP Producer for over 7 years with the largest staffing firm in CA at the time with 90 offices and over 1000 consultants. I outgrew that situation and opened my own firm in 1992, building our proprietary database of candidates personally referred, recruited, placed, and through our vast network. Our industry typically has an 85% turnover in the first 18 months, so to be in the recruiting industry over 25 years is a record of success in itself.

We offer QUALITY candidates. We will never submit a candidate that doesn’t meet 3 criteria simultaneously:

1) They must have at least 90% of the skills you outline

2) They must be willing to accept an offer in the salary range YOU outline

3) They must be motivated by something other than money to pursue the opportunity

We offer SPEED. From the day we get an assignment to the day you have 3 qualified candidates is typically less than 14 days.

We get ACCEPTED offers. There is nothing more frustrating than working with a recruiter and then having the candidate decline the offer. In the past 5 yrs. 97% of the offers that were extended through Marino & Associates have been accepted.

We are confident that once you have worked with Marino & Associates, the difference between our firm and the others you’ve dealt with would be obvious-and the best way for us to prove that is to show you!