Here what our clients and candidates have to say!

During my employment with this company, Cheryl informed me of other opportunities as an Executive Assistant/Administrative Assistant in related fields when I contacted her. I've also worked with Cheryl as a candidate for other positions that her company has had in the past. I've reconnected with Cheryl recently & purchased her e-book "Don't Interview - Audition". I found Cheryl's e-book to be very helpful and easy to understand reading. She gives a candidate very good ideas on how to market oneself, how to succeed at interviews & how to follow-up after interviews with prospective employers. I found her book to be very helpful with good tips & suggestions for the current job seeker. Cheryl is extremely professional, considerate & responsive in her interactions with clients and candidates.

Linda Kaplan
We have utilized the services of Marino and Associates for the last 18 years. Marino and Associates understands our business and staffing needs, In fact, 95% of the personnel they have placed with us are still with us. Real Estate/Property Management Company

L. Raya, CFO at Client Company
Real Estate/Property Management Company
I want to thank Marino & Associates for helping me with my job search and for the successful placement. It was a great experience and a pleasure working with you. I am glad you were able to match my goals and motivations to the "RIGHT" Company.

Lilian Serrano
Accounts Payable Specialist
successfully placed by Cheryl and her firm. I found Cheryl to be very professional. At the time I signed up with Marino and Associates, I was associated with several search firms that took hours of my time with testing and initial intake interviews, and produced absolutely no leads. Marino and Associates didn't insist on plunking me in front of a computer for two hours to test the level of my skills with various software programs. In my initial interview, we discussed the level of my computer skills, grammar, and other office skills, and Cheryl was satisfied with my word. She realized that as an individual in the middle of my career, any competency representations I made would need to be solidly based on my ability to perform at that level. I appreciated her professionalism and respect in taking me at my word. Additionally, while she took me at my word, she also did not try to present me as something I wasn't by exaggerating any of my skills or experience, and potentially placing me in a position that I was not qualified for. Although Cheryl presented some opportunities that might have been on the fringe of my preferences, she didn't waste my time trying to sell me on positions that didn't fit my criterion. Nor did my passing on an opportunity relegate me to a black hole with her firm. Cheryl ultimately presented me with a position that was exactly what I had in mind. I appreciated her candor, suggestions for conducting myself on the various interviews, and background information as she guided me through the many steps of my interview process, and subsequent salary negotiations. I felt that I received her best efforts, even though she was also representing the other contender for the position. I highly recommend Marino and Associates to anyone searching for a position as an executive assistant.

Erin O'Connor
Executive Assistant to C.O.B.
I was introduced to Marino and Associates last year (2006). I found a posting on Craigslist and applied on a Sunday night. I received a call by Tuesday of that week, had a meeting with Cheryl on Wednesday, and she had set up an interview for me the next day. By Wednesday of the following week I was given an offer for a new job. I am so thankful for Cheryl, because without her I do not think I could have got into the company. She was truly a blessing. I am still with that employer and am very happy.

Marissa Wein
Marketing Specialist
Cheryl Marino of Marino and Associates was instrumental in my job search. She took careful note of my experience and matched me with an incredible company and position. She offered pertinent resume and interview tips which ultimately "sealed the deal" Thank you, Cheryl, for all your assistance.

Patricia Tito
Cash Manager
Things are great here at the Consumer Products Company you placed me at. Everybody is very friendly and I have adapted very well to the work load. I would also like to thank you for your time and effort in getting me placed at my new job.

Nina Vazquez
International Account Rep
To Whom It May Concern: Cheryl Marino and her staff are simply the best in the business. The people at Marino and Associates offer much more than the average recruiting firm, they take the extra steps to find the best suitable match for job seekers and employers. Cheryl and Britt are professional, offer practical honest advice, and most importantly, they truly care about the people they work with. If you are interested in propelling your career forward, you must contact them.

Julie Lee
I have worked with many employment agencies throughout my career and your professionalism, attention to detail and assistance in preparing me for interviews is to be commended. This position is exactly what I have been looking for. The location is great and the people are such a pleasure to work with. You evaluated my needs as well as the employers and came up with a perfect match. Thank you for everything!

Stacy Ducharme
Executive Assistant to EVP of IT
Going with Marino & Associates was one of the best career decisions I've ever made. They placed me at a firm that I consider as the best place I've ever worked. I'm very happy with Cheryl's guidance and professionalism.

Matt Lirag
Graphics Specialist
I would like to highly recommend Marino & Associates, Inc. for any of your employment needs. I met with Cheryl Marino, President, and she thoroughly interviewed me and inquired about my career goals and motivations. After her in depth interview she referred me to one of her top clients and made a successful match. It only took an interview with one company before she secured me a job offer. I am delighted in my new position and am confident of a long and rewarding career with my new employer.

Carlos G. Pazos
Customer Service Rep
I highly recommend the services of Marino & Associates. They act fast, no time is wasted. They know how to match you with a job where you can fully utilize your skills. Their clients are the big companies in Los Angeles and Bay area. The best thing is that they wouldn't sell your skills for less. My experience with them is truly amazing. I went to their office Monday morning, had a phone interview with client on Tuesday, had personal interview on Wednesday and yes, accepted the job offer on Thursday. They prepared me for the interview so well that I felt very confident during the interview. Cheryl Marino and her team are the best!

Nema Escartin
Senior Accountant
In today's highly competitive job market, it is important to have someone who will help put you over the top and help you get noticed. I was unemployed and looking for over a year and Cheryl was instrumental in helping me secure my new position as a Business Analyst. She was extremely helpful in preparing me for my interviews by stressing the key points the employer would focus on and ensuring I knew how to respond in a confident and professional manner. Cheryl handled all communications with the employer and did a great job of letting me know who else was interviewing for the position and my status as it related to the position. Cheryl is extremely knowledgeable and experienced and also provided very helpful tips for preparing for the interviews.

Mike Carlin
Business Analyst
Dear Cheryl, It was an absolute pleasure working with you during my job search. Your combination of unwavering professionalism and friendly, collaborative demeanor are quite rare in this industry. Thank you for all of the wonderful advice and tips as you guided me along the entire interview process. Of course, it certainly helps that you've chosen such outstanding companies to represent which makes your job a bit easier. I know we will stay in touch for many years.

Hershel Goulson- Client Services Manager, Project Manager
Global Consulting Company
Upon initiating my job search, a good friend of mine recommended Cheryl Marino, of Marino and Associates Inc. to me. My friend had utilized Cheryl’s help in placing her in a position that perfectly fit her skills and experience, and she kept raving about Cheryl’s recruiting expertise. I figured I didn’t have anything to lose by contacting Cheryl, and I’m so grateful I did. Cheryl was extremely thorough in her initial interview with me. She took the time to ask detailed questions to find out exactly what I was looking for in a position and more importantly, where my skill set would thrive for the long term. Upon concluding our interview, Cheryl told me she had the perfect company in mind. Little did I know she was spot on! During the next few weeks, Cheryl worked tirelessly to introduce my skill set to her client and facilitate the interview process. She kept in contact with me daily to update me on the status of the interviews, in addition to providing me with guidance and advice for next steps. Cheryl’s tips were valuable and crucial to my success during the interview process. The final result: I received a job offer from Cheryl’s client! I could not have been more thrilled. After having been employed with my new company for just over a month, I cannot relay how incredible Cheryl’s insight was during our initial meeting. My skills and experience are a great match for my employer, and I’ve finally found a great long-term fit. I would highly recommend Cheryl Marino, of Marino & Associates, Inc. to anyone who is looking for a new position!

Kristina McHugh - Client Services Manager, Project Manager
Global Consulting Company
I recently had the pleasure of working with Cheryl. She was instrumental in helping me put together a very attractive resume and coaching through my recent interview. She is very straight forward and was instrumental in receiving my current position. Cheryl is very personable and added a dynamic to my interviewing skills that lead to my success. What I like about Cheryl is her ability to get things done on a timely basis. She offers great ideas and was really helpful. I wouldn't hesitate recommending her services to anyone. Marino and Associates was an enormous help in my job search. Cheryl at Marino & Associates has been a great help developing an effective way to market myself. She worked closely with me to develop interview skills, resume writing, and to advise me on current professional etiquette. Cheryl offered enthusiastic and frequent suggestions for my professional development. I am extremely grateful to have worked with Cheryl and plan to work with her in the future.

Samantha Fitzgerald- Human Resources/Staff Accountant
Global Consulting Company
I wanted to take a moment to thank Cheryl Marino, of Marino & Associates, Inc., for finding me the Business Development Manager opportunity and negotiating the fantastic terms on my behalf. I have not been this excited about a new challenge and stage in my life in many years, all thanks to you. I have had some experience with recruitment agencies in the past but feel that you truly offer something unique. You are not just a recruiter but also a coach, and I have been pleasantly surprised that you have made an effort to help me prepare for an interview whether it was the weekend, late at night or early in the morning. Even though there were more interviews than anticipated, and they were scheduled quickly back to back, you always made time to guide me. Again, thank you for introducing me to this wonderful opportunity. I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for not just employment but a great opportunity. Sincerely, Marc Van Hoek

Marc Van Hoek
Global Consulting Company
Thanks to Marino and Associates for assisting me with my job search and helping me find a great fit with a successful and growing company! This is the second time I’ve enlisted Cheryl’s help and it’s the second time she has helped me find a new and exciting career. Cheryl is very thorough and does a great job of getting to know the candidates she places, which helps to make sure the person is right for the position. She also provides her candidates excellent preparation for interviews, including sample questions, so you can be as prepared as possible. I would highly recommend Cheryl Marino for the experience and knowledge she provides.

Mike Carlin
Professional Services/Consulting Company
Cheryl Marino is great! My name was given to Cheryl by an old co-worker about a position she thought I would be perfect for. Cheryl called me on a Wednesday morning, by Wednesday afternoon we were meeting in person and she was telling me about an amazing opportunity. Cheryl went to work and scheduled my first interview for that Friday with the Vice President. The following Monday I had a second interview with the Chairman and was offered the position that Wednesday! Cheryl knows her stuff, everything she told me about the position and the company was spot on! Cheryl was great at prepping me for the interview, she knew the key people within the organization as well as some of the questions usually asked. She was very thorough. It truly is an amazing opportunity and Cheryl was great at getting me in to see the right people. Thank you Cheryl for helping me find a great fit with an amazing organization. I would highly recommend Cheryl Marino to both applicants as well as employers.

Jaclyn Eiler
Global Consulting Company
Dear Cheryl, As there were many search firms I could have gone with I am more than pleased I chose to go with you. You provided exemplary service from the first phone call assessment up until my last interview with the potential employer. I felt well equipped for all interviews whether by phone or in person. The background you provided on each interviewer was a tremendous help which allowed me to relate and perform to my fullest potential while in the interview. Your service was personal yet professional and attributed to me securing a Director position at a global consulting firm. Thank you again for your efforts and going the extra mile!

Mike Williams
Global Company
Dear Cheryl, I cannot thank Marino & Associates enough for their support and diligence in helping me secure a great job at a wonderful global consulting company. This employer offers a lot of growth potential, professional development and the chance to shine among the highest caliber of professionals I get to work with every day. It would not have been made possible if it hadn’t been for Cheryl’s attention to detail, excellent coaching, dedication to understand and know me as her candidate, along with precise follow ups, willingness to see beyond a resume, and all the many details that make her such an incredible professional in the executive search business. Something I have not seen in any other recruiter. She also offers incredible respect for the candidate and offers an outstanding work ethic. Thank you again.

Ricardo Vanegas
Global Consulting Company
Dear Cheryl, I wanted to thank you and Marino & Associates for finding this great opportunity for me. You helped guide me through the interview process by preparing me for each interview which ultimately helped me land the position. Your coaching skills are definitely top notch. It was a pleasure working with you and I would recommend your services to anyone who is looking for a new opportunity.

Jennifer Craycraft
Global Fortune 500 Services Company