Career Counseling

Dear Job Seeker:

I know how frustrating it can be when you “knew” you were the perfect person for a job and yet it was offered to someone else! Often it’s not the most qualified person who gets the job, it’s the person who aces the interview.

Imagine the competitive advantage you would have if you knew:

  • The best questions to ask during an interview?
  • How to target jobs that are not advertised?
  • How to answer the most difficult interviewing questions?
  • What it takes to get your resume to the top of the stack?

We work with hiring authorities every day and have learned what it takes to get an offer in this competitive job market. Now we can share this information with you, through our “Career Counseling Series.” This program is delivered via Teleconferences and you will also receive a copy of our recently released book Don’t Interview – Audition.


We have always taken our direction from the people we represent. Many of you have expressed a desire to be coached or mentored in your job search and that is what this program will provide. We will share secrets with you that have been used by top recruiters for years. You are great at your career and we can make you great at conducting an effective job search.

This eight-week program will dramatically improve the focus of your search, the velocity of your search and the results you will achieve.


Call our office today to obtain more details and pricing. You can master skills that will continue to guide your entire career. These sessions are geared for individuals currently in an active job search, individuals who are conducting a passive search or for anyone who wants to learn how to position themselves properly to enjoy consistent career advancement.

This cutting edge series will forever change the way you conduct your job search.

Call 310-370-5576, and sign up today. Classes are limited to 15 participants.
To Your Successful Job Search,
Cheryl Marino, C.P.C., C.E.S
Marino & Associates, Inc.