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Set Daily Minimum Standards
When you are not working, one of the greatest challenges is to create a new routine that becomes your new normal throughout your job search. When you are working, you get up at a specific time, commute to work and then your routine starts when you arrive at work. It’s important to establish a new routine as a job seeker, which is now your full-time job.

Each evening before you end your job search, you need to plan out 100% of the outgoing telephone calls you will make the following day. You can only do that if you have written down daily standards you will achieve without exception.

These activities should include:

  • Resumes submitted to known opportunities
  • Resumes sent directly to hiring authorities you have identified
  • Follow up calls
  • Adding individuals to your network
  • Sourcing and research

The minimum standards you set will vary greatly based on the following:

  • Years of experience
  • Type of job/career you are pursuing
  • Your target
  • Restrictions
  • Duration of your job search process
  • Job market conditions and trends
  • Competition
  • Your level of commitment
  • Accountability

Establishing a routine in your job search will help you consistently attain daily standards, which can greatly limit the valleys of your job search.

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